Fayetteville High School


Fayetteville High is a 7-12 public high school located on Maple Avenue in the county seat of Fayette County, West Virginia.  There are 530 students at FHS, and some also attend the regional vocational center, Fayette Institute of Technology in nearby Oak Hill.


Historic Fayetteville High School    


           Fayetteville High School Today                  

Traditionally FHS students have the highest academic scores in the district, evidenced by our success banners and an attitude for achievement that you “can just feel” upon entering our halls.  Quality student work and evidence of high student performance are showcased on the display boards along our corridors.   The Pirates also have a heritage of great athletics, celebrated by state and regional championship trophies and team photographs in the trophy cases as you enter the school.  Fayetteville High is focused on “being the best” as we serve our students and community in our pursuit of excellence.


Fayetteville High is located in Fayetteville,  the county seat of Fayette County, West Virginia.  Named “One of the Coolest Small Towns” in the nation by several magazines, this mountainous community is perched on the New River National River, famous for rock climbing and white water rafting. Our school and community work hand in hand to be the foundation of many elements of the region- ranging from tourism to history to culture.





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